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Staff Augmentation

Enteractive Staff Augmentation
Smarc’s Staffing and Augmentation process consist of the flowing methodology:

Acquisition - Smarc draws from a global network of some of the best talent in the world in their respective disciplines. Many of the big 3 consulting companies also acquire talent from the same pool, however they offer this same talent at sometimes more than double the cost. Our pre-screening and Human Resource Planning Methodology allows us to submit one to two resumes per requirement that are prescreened, vetted, and ready on day one. This prevents our clients from being bombarded with many, non-relevant resumes. We pride ourselves on to identifying and presenting the most suitable candidates for a particular job by identifying what the organization requires in terms of attributes (knowledge, skills and abilities) in order to effectively meet project requirements.

Deployment - Smarc makes critical decisions about how those recruited will be allocated to specific roles according to business requirements and skill set. We do not carry a bench and do not send non-specified resources to fulfill roles. We accommodate the client’s requirements for both full life cycle projects and/or augmentation requirements. Because of our global network of resources, Smarc is able to scale according to the scope of the requirement without having to 2nd and 3rd source projects.

Retention - Smarc pays its resources some of the top rates in the industry. Our open and transparent approach to doing business builds both trust and loyalty with our consultants and our clients. As a result, we enjoy a near perfect retention rate of our talent, and often transition our talent to our client at no conversion cost. The overriding objective is to minimize the loss from the organization of valued employees through strategic and tactical measures whilst enabling the organization to reduce employment costs where circumstances dictate.

This methodology gives Smarc a best in class Staffing & Augmentation practice that is utilized by some of the top performing and revenue generating organizations in the world today.